The Most Expensive Smartphones in the World

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The most expensive smartphones in the world welcome to a lox calm the place where future billionaires come to get inspired there a Luxor thanks for deciding to spend some time with us.

The most expensive smartphones in the world number 10


 Do your reverie haute couture price one hundred and two thousand dollars it goes without saying that Dior is one of the most revered and respected brands in the world of fashion.

 And beauty and in 2012 they entered the smartphones race with an extremely limited edition creation the reverie haute couture was a smartphones.

 unlike any other boasting 1539 diamonds on its case and 46 pieces of mother of pearl that pushed its value into six figures the cruel nature of technology and the speed at which it moves means that.

 The specifications of the reverie haute couture are rather outdated at this point but the intent of the device was to turn heads with its extravagant design rather than its capabilities.

 There is no sign that Dior will be dipping their toes into the smartphones field again anytime soon but their one attempt created a phone worth more than $100,000 and that is impressive.

9. Savelii smartphones:

Price $250,000

The most expensive smartphones in the world Number 9 even though smartphones are unisex some have greater appeal to woman and this was the intention of the savelii smartphones so valley was geneva based jeweller and with their smartphones.

 They wanted to elevate phones to haute according to CEO alessandro savelli so valley made 11 models in three categories with the most expensive models being those in the marvellous category.

 These jewel encrusted phones with 18 karat gold cases where the diamonds drain diamond tonight champagne diamonds and black insane which was set with 75 baguette cut diamonds.

 There was also a special edition called emerald tonight made of 18 karat rose gold and 400 emeralds savelli creased trading in August of 2016.

8. Black diamond’s VIPN:         

price $300,000

The most expensive smartphones in the world Number 8. Esigned by a Singapore based artist named jarred go this one of a kind black diamond’s VIP smartphones was created for a special anonymous client more than ten years ago in 2016.

 Although over a decade has passed it remains one of the most expensive phones to date thanks to features like 2 carat diamond on the back of the phone and also on the joystick.

 Once again time has not been kind to the specifications of the expensive phone with jarred go himself stating that the phone is merely an accessory for the diamonds at $300,000 that’s one hell of an expensive accessory.

7. Vertu signature cobra:

Price $320,000

Now we are discussed about the most expensive smartphones in the world 7 Number phone so let’s check it. Do you ever get the sense that your phone is lacking in a certain decorative quality well any owner of the virtue signature cobra will never have that problem.

 Created by French jeweller Boucher on this limited run of exquisitely decorated phones featured no less than 439 rubies each designed in a snake like handset.

 Phone was also circled by a cut diamond cobra that boasted two emeralds for eyes only eight of these beauties were ever made making them extremely rare.

Desirable plenty of snakes have been used for temptation in historical stories with this particular snake be to tempt you for the total of three hundred and twenty thousand dollars.

6. Gresso Luxor Las Vegas jackpot:

Price $1 million

The first smartphones in our list with a million dollar plus price tag we know what you’re thinking what kind of phone could possibly warrant.

 this price well let us tell you launched in 2010 this extraordinary device has a body made from 200 year old African blackwood and features more diamonds than you can shake a stick.

 The phones keyboard is made from 17 laser etched sapphires making it the most luxurious you’ll ever type a text on to ensure the utmost desirability.

 Only three of these phone were ever produced each one possessing a special personal number engraved on the back with such luxury and excess involved there’s no wonder.

 The phone has lavages in its name now before we jump into the top 5 most expensive smartphones let’s take a few minute to reflect on what it means to be super rich.

 If you had money to burn would you spend 1 million dollars plus on a smart phone to explore this idea.

5. Goldvish le million:

Price $1.3 million

This crazy phone was first debuted at the millionaire faire in canes in 2006 and even though it’s over a decade old.

 It’s still holding a high spot on the all-time list made of 18 karat white gold mounted with 120 carat worth of diamonds and Emilio is without a doubt a block technological treasure unsurprisingly.

 Only three of the amazing phones were ever made and upon their release they were touted as being one of the most technologically advanced on the market with more than ten years of tech advancement.

the specs might be outdated but I think we can all agree that diamonds will never ever go out of fashion.

4. Supreme gold striker iPhone 3G:

Price $3.3 million

We’ve seen plenty of diamonds already so far on this list with the supreme gold sticker iPhone 3g with a handset that took things to a whole.

 New level with some more interesting materials as well as using more diamonds and gold than many people have in their entire jewellery collection.

 This crazy creation also featured a chest carved from a block of granite with a special edition of Kashmir gold and interior lining made from nut buck top grain leather.

 It’s funny to think that as we are on the verge of being presented the iPhone 8 that a 3g would command this much money but for all of these stones and precious materials 3.3 million dollars is a handsome theme.

3. IPhone 4S elite gold:

Price $7.6 million

Number 3 in our list was the most expensive 4 series iPhone the iPhone 4s elite gold boasted 500 diamonds a 24 karat gold logo and perhaps.

 Most extraordinary of all a compartment that is claimed to contain pieces of a tyrannosaurus rex bone we can’t say that we have any idea why such for a feature would be included in a smartphone.

 But equally you can see why those combined factors would add up to a value of a whopping 7.6 million dollars

2. Black Diamond’s iPhone 5:

Price $15.3 million

Prior to number one on our list the black diamond’s iPhone 5 was streaks ahead of the most expensive smartphones in the world.

 Trust us this isn’t anything like the iPhone 5 that you might have owned once upon time a story goes that an anonymous.

 Chines businessmen had a consultation meeting with luxury phone artist Stewart hugest to create a device unlike anything the world has ever seen the result of this consultation was this black diamond.

 iPhone 5 the device took nine weeks to create has the case made from solid gold and is recreated exactly to apple strict specifications a total of 53 diamond make up the famous apple logo.

 Centrepiece of the phone has a phenomenal 26 carat black diamond acts as a home button.

The 10 most expensive smartphones in the world

The 10 Most Expensive Smartphones in the World

1.Falcon supernova pink diamond iPhone 6 plus:

Price $110 million

The Most Expensive Smartphones in the World

This is it the most expensive smartphone ever is also the most recent the falcon supernova pink diamond.

 iPhone is named for the fact that each contains an exquisite 18 karat pink diamond in its centre on the back face it was available in three precious metal varieties gold rose gold and platinum.

 If you want to save a few dollars well 15 million dollars actually you can opt for the iPhone 6 for 95 million dollars rather than the six plus.

There was also a cheaper version made from platinum that features less valuable blue diamond that has a price tag of 48 point 4 million dollar.

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